Borzo is a fast and flexible delivery service operating in 10 countries.

Since 2012 you’ve known us as Dostavista Global. In 2021, our brands in Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, India, and Indonesia united under a new name. Russian Dostavista and Turkish Banabikurye are also a part of our global company.


What we do


Our mission is to offer online stores a fast and easy way to deliver their products and keep their customers happy — at the same time providing flexible and easy access jobs to those in need.


At Borzo, we're working on several closely related products: a website and two apps — one for clients and one for delivery people. We strive to make courier delivery as fast and flexible as possible. With each day, we find ways to make our products and services even more efficient and user-friendly.


It takes us 5-7 minutes to find a courier nearby, and a package usually reaches its destination within an hour. Apart from express orders, we also take scheduled deliveries. It’s useful in situations where you need a parcel to be delivered by, say, exactly 9 AM the next day.

The perks of working at Borzo

  • stable income with social benefits;

  • books and educational courses of your choice at the company’s expense;

  • flexible hours;

  • remote work or a coworking space paid by the company;

  • horizontal organizational structure;

  • industry leaders among teammates;

  • coworkers from 10 countries with diverse cultural backgrounds;

  • growth opportunities: we constantly conquer new markets and love to experiment.

Our values

  • Common sense

When we make a decision, we take into consideration logic, metrics, our own opinion, and that of our colleagues. We don’t let emotions cloud our judgment.

If you witness something that doesn’t pass your common sense filter, find someone who can have an influence upon it and talk to them.

  • Trust

We believe that our employees are experts in their fields. We trust each other’s judgment and don’t micromanage. We accept responsibility and don’t place it on other people.

Each teammate is responsible for their work and the results of their tasks.

  • Initiative

Each member of our team is an expert in their respective field who is capable of independent research, goal-setting, and execution of challenging tasks.

We welcome and support our teammates’ initiative.



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